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We offer many types of plywood (AC, BC, CDX, OSB, Luan, & Treated) that can be used in multiple applications that require high-quality, high-strength sheet material. We also carry Birch, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, & White Oak plywood that can be used for cabinets, displays, fixtures, furniture, and shelving. Please call for pricing on all plywoods. They are subject to change with the market. 

Finished Plywood:

1/8" Luan                                        

1/8" Birch (5' x 5' sheet)                     

1/8" Italian Poplar                            

1/4" Luan

1/4" Birch

1/4" Walnut

1/4" Pre-finished Birch 1 side*

1/4" White Oak OUT

1/4" Cherry

1/2" Pre-finished Birch 1 side*

1/2" Birch

3/4" T&G OSB

3/4" AC Luan OUT

3/4" Pre-finished Birch 2 sides*

3/4" Birch

3/4" Maple 

3/4" Walnut

3/4" White Oak

3/4" Cherry

*All plywood sheets are a standard 4' x 8' unless otherwise indicated

**Pre-finished Birch plywood has a UV coating on 1 or 2 sides

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