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Wormy Ash

Our wormy ash is a great hardwood for the woodworker on a budget. It comes in at only $3.25/bdft. It is a medium density hardwood, great for building tables, shelves, furniture, faux beams, mantels, or whatever suits your needs. It is just as strong as regular ash, but has small black speckles.

Wormy Ash

Philippine Mahogany

Our Philippine mahogany can be a great addition to a woodworking project. It is a bit thinner than our typical 4/4 material, coming in at 11/16" thickness. It would make a great trim, skirt, or apron piece to give your project a finished look without the added weight. It is only $3.25/bdft, so it can fit nicely into any budget. 

Philippine Mahogany


We carry several different sizes of insulation.

Pricing to follow very soon!


Free Work Tables

These tables are approximately 4'x8', and around 40" tall. They are first come, first serve; but they are free. 

Work Tables

Truck Bed for Children

This handmade creation was fabricated by Charles Kluttz. It is perfect for the little truck driver in your life! It can be yours for the low price of $100.00!

Truck Bed

Pristine Black Shingles

For your various roofing needs, we have these Tamko pristine black architectural shingles for only $100.00/square. They are 30 year shingles. 

Tamko Pristine Black Shingles

#2 Common Maple

This lumber would be great for shop projects, drawer sides or backs, or anywhere that won't be seen but still needs the strength and durability of a hardwood.

#2 Common Maple
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